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June 17, 2019

Are you HAPPY in your home? Our goal is to simplify your life and offer you services to create a home that is free of stress and hassle! ⁣⁣

April 29, 2019

https://www.letsgetyouorganized.biz/blog Melisa's team supports high end clients in San Diego County. Think of our team as your on-the-ground support in tactically and strategically coordinating donation pick ups, clearing the clutter, and rockin' out sessions...

DAY 12 of the LGYO Spring Cleaning Guest Blog Series is brought to you by Kelli McClintock, Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Mixologist! Let's declutter!

March 11, 2019

Day 6 of the LGYO Spring Cleaning Series is brought to you by Jenny at Rebel Maeve: You’ve cleaned out your closet and have a bag of clothes collecting dust!

December 4, 2018

Join LGYO for Clutter Coaching this summer! Melisa Celikel is running 4-week and 8-week programs to help you clear your clutter once and for all! Let's Get You Organized, San Diego!

September 10, 2018

🖤 Think back to a time where you recently exercised amazing self control. Then multiply that over and over and over again. Baby steps to big successes! ⚡️⁣ ⁣ �

May 21, 2018

Let's Get You Organized for summer! Clean out the winter blues and get back on track for the upcoming season!

April 14, 2018

Spring is the time for beautiful flowers to begin blooming and the feeling of urgency to deep clean our houses! Look at these stunning closet before and afters!

January 15, 2018

This gorgeous closet needed some decluttering & organizing to be able to transform back into the glamorous space it is at heart!

August 21, 2017

Are you navigating a mini jungle within your own closet? Clear the floors, make some room, and grab the donation bags!

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