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Do you feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of crap you have lurking around in your home? Maybe you recently experienced an avalanche in the hall closet and found a war in the kitchen cabinets? In this program, you’ll make progress and fast decisions on what to keep and what to toss so you can get past the cluttered chaos!  Make life at home MORE SIMPLE with LESS STUFF. Live life with LESS so you can enjoy life MORE! I promise, decluttering will make your life SO much more manageable. Let’s get you on the path to owning less crap and simplifying your life! 


In these precious 9 modules, for only $7 you’ll learn:

-HOW to incorporate the art of Keep, Toss, Donate to every nook & cranny

-WHERE you can get started so you’ll see immediate momentum and results

-WHO I recommend as authors of organizing books (just in case you ever get any leisure time to read!)

-WHAT to do when you start living in the “what if’s” and “someday’s”

-WHY it’s important to declutter and get organized for a better quality of life.


+Daily videos keep you on track and motivated to continue working through the emotions that can come with letting go of what no longer serves you!

Together, we’ll get to the root of your disorganization and implement effective systems for organization. Have less stuff. Have less stress. Simple. Let’s make sht happen and clear your clutter once and for all! 


9 transformational clutter coaching modules including 9 videos and 9 worksheets, recommended reading lists, my signature e-book, and RESULTS! A strategic approach to help you with the tactical side of your home organization journey. Let's rewire your thinking when it comes to overshopping, collecting, and living in the "somedays" & "what-ifs"! You'll get actionable tips and tricks to implement systems in your own home so that you will not only kick your clutter habit to the curb, but you learn to MAINTAIN systems to prevent you from creating cluttered chaos!


  This program is not intended to diagnose, treat,prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Trained Health Coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care. As your coach, I do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician. It is my role to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability as we create an action plan to meet and maintain your goals.

Results may vary.



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 Reviews of my affordable $7 Virtual Clutter Coaching offer!

“If you're overwhelmed by the sight of your clutter and the mere thought of having to tackle it exhausts you, then don't wait any longer to invest in Melisa's program. Overall, she goes the extra mile for her clients and she always takes time to answer your questions. She is worth every penny.” – Monica the Medium

“Melisa is very friendly and high energy.  Her program is helping me become more organized and she is super focused on my needs.  Whenever I send her emails or texts she super responsive and really serious about helping her customers.  She is helping me manage life and business better. Thank you for your expertise!” – Christine

“If you're in way over your head and don't know where to start, you need this program in your life! Thank you Melisa!” – Turath

“Melisa helped me let go of things that I've had for years that I really didn't need any more, and she did it in a way that wasn't traumatic- it actually felt good. Melisa is exceptional... tenacious, energetic, incredibly responsive, and fun to be with! If you have a clutter problem, I HIGHLY recommend Melisa.” – Louise

“There's no way around it - Melisa knows her stuff. She conducts herself in such a way where you can tell that she's confident in her vision, while at the same time caring about your well-being and making sure you're enjoying and understanding the process along the way. In all communication, Melisa conducted herself in a highly professional manner - prompt and happy to answer all of my questions. If you're looking to simplify your life and clear your home and mind of excess clutter, absolutely give Melisa a call.” – Leann

“Melisa is absolutely fantastic and great at what she does. People at work have asked me 'why cant you do this yourself?' My answer to them is that she is able to see my house and things without emotion and can provide objective advice. She goes above and beyond. She makes it easy for you. She does not push you to buy anything or try to sell you the latest organizing gizmo. Thanks Melisa, my house looks and feels great and I am amazed at the difference!” - Teresa

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