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Hey! I'm Melisa and I am SO glad you're here.

I am here to tell you that owning a successful organizing business is totally possible! I’ve done it and I am here to help you do it too! Side hustles not only provide extra income, but they also allow you to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" if you currently find yourself in a job you hate. I'm ready to give you all the ins and outs of the organizing biz so that you can build a side hustle before leaving your corporate salary.


Let's turn your hobby into a money making machine! 

Let's turn your passion project into a fulfilling source of extra income! 


I share the experiences I’ve had in my seven years as a professional organizer to give you a better understanding of what being a professional organizer is REALLY like! You’ll learn what you need to know to help you determine if an organizing career is right for you, plus what you need to do to get started. I love to help corporate rat racers who are burnt out and ready for something more, take-charge go-getters with a fire in their hearts, and those that KNOW they are meant for more than just working for someone else’s dream. If you're naturally organized, ready to share your gifts with the world, and ready to start a side hustle to start living your passion- LET'S TALK!


Please note: this mentorship program is advice-based and results may vary.




  • start your roadmap to a successful side hustle with the steps laid out easily for you

  • pick an impactful company name

  • create a website (it's easy, I promise- I made this one by myself!)

  • find local networking groups & begin collaborating with others

  • start generating income in your side hustle

  • get started on your journey to helping others and making an impact in your community

  • work with in-home clients at all levels

  • share your unique gifts and talents with the world

  • work on your passion project to get you on your journey to a life of freedom & fulfillment


Free Yourself with Organization

"Spending 4 weeks with Melisa has been a blessing. She is direct, approachable and moves quickly, which I truly appreciated. She covered all the bases as a quick-track to get started. She has years of experience and is very resourceful! She works her butt off and you can see that. Being able to help others personally and professionally has always been something I am passionate about and Melisa has been a great addition to my journey! "

Downsize & Organized

"The past 4 weeks has been great and I’m so glad I was able to do this. I can’t believe all I have been able to do in such a short period of time! Melisa really touched on all we needed to get started and shared her knowledge and experience. Over the past 4-5 weeks I’ve had a 'pep in my step' that I haven’t had in a while. Working on this business and doing it this way has been amazing. It’s really something I needed to do for myself, just as much as I want to be an organizer to help others! I can’t express thanks enough."

Assess the Nest

"Bringing Melisa on as my mentor was just what I needed to jumpstart my new professional organizing business. Step one before getting too overwhelmed in launching your business: hire Melisa! She’s so knowledgeable about anything and everything having to do with the inner workings of home organization. Sometimes I wish I could just download all the info she has stored in her head!"


 It's time to share your natural gifts & talents with the world and stop rotting away in a cubicle! 

Think of all the lives you could be changing instead of working for someone else’s wallet and someone else’s dream! If you weren’t spending all your time in the rat race you could be living a life that actually offers you freedom and fulfillment.


When I first took the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship, I invested over EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (yes that's eighty as in 8-0 as in 80,000 big ones) to start my business. I’m here to teach you how NOT to do that. Let me give you all my secrets, shortcuts, and knowledge from my past 7 years in business!

I'm ready to take you from rat racer to fulfilled side hustler, from being miserable in a corporate environment to experiencing a life of freedom & fulfillment in knowing there is a "light at the end of the tunnel",  and from following SOPs & dealing with office drama to sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world! Start by watching my FREE webinar.


Ask yourself, what are your current client’s biggest hurdles to achieving an organized home? Kids, husband, live-in parents, pets, ADD/ADHD, OCD, hoarding tendencies, shopaholic syndrome? ⁣

As a pro home organizer, you’ll work through these blocks together, help them to stop playing the blame game, and truly discover what they need to work on to create a simplified & organized environment for home & family!⁣ ⁣

Their idea of organized may be different than a neighbor's, or yours, or mine... and that's great! Let's lay the foundations of YOUR role as an organizer and then start working to help your clients TOGETHER!⁣


Are you ready to take the plunge in removing the blocks that are preventing your clients from having a peaceful, calm, efficient home? In their home, you’ll work together to release clutter and embrace change by welcoming in new energy. There's no feeling like getting paid to do what you LOVE! ⁣Secure your seat in the free webinar by clicking below!

In this 4-week fast-track Academy, you'll get four modules + a  private strategy session with me for ONLY $197! 

Start by watching your free webinar and take tons of notes on my amazing tips and tricks right off the bat! From there, we'll jump on a call and get you set up with four weeks of worksheets, guides, podcast & book recommendations, a welcome packet, a closing packet, and PDF modules to help you on your way to success in professional organizing!


Week 1: "Whooooo Are You?" Figuring out your niche, your goals, and who you want to be as a professional organizer! We'll tackle mindset issues, start living in abundance, and start setting your vision!

Week 2: "Strut Your Stuff" How to launch your website, social media, email marketing campaign, get out there & get visible! You'll learn more about business cards, fliers, promos, and branding.

Week 3: "Show Me the Money!" Pricing, value, services, scheduling, and timing. You'll draft your mission statement and a business plan too!

Week 4: "Wrap It Up" Thank you notes, reviews, workflow, and tough client conversations. You'll learn the true inside scoop of what being a pro organizer is like and how to navigate eye-opening scenarios!


I'm looking forward to working with you and opening your eyes to the amazing world of owning a professional home organization business and launching a side hustle! Grab your introductory free webinar below.