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Moxie San Diego

"In my first workshop with Melisa, any shred of hesitation was completely squashed within 5 minutes (or less, if I'm being honest)! She understood exactly where I was coming from, calmed my doubts before I could point them out, and was very transparent about the TANGIBLE value her program provides. Melisa's workshop gives you everything she promises --- a no-nonsense breakdown as to how to grow a business and avoid some common rookie mistakes. She was and still is extremely supportive as a mentor figure in this community and I would recommend her program to ANYONE who is ready to really start putting work into their business.100% worth the money and time!"

Light As A Feather Home

"Melisa is the driving force I needed to push myself! Her wokrshops are very detailed and straightforward. Starting a business can be very overwhelming but she has broken it down step by step. I’m a busy mom and working with Melisa has allowed me to take my time and do things slowly. She has given me the confidence I need and she has gone out of her way to answer all my questions. I’m so excited to see my business develop and grow!"

Business Consultant SD

Group Rio Media

"In just one live workshop, Melisa helped us streamline processes in our email marketing, social media, and course creation efforts when launching our new business. She dove into our open projects quickly and truly took the bull by the horns!"

Empower Your Spaces

"Melisa is a power house! When I was looking to start my business I was very lost. Her workshop helped answer all my questions and got me on the right track. I have now started my business and am ready to take on the world!"

MWE Creative

“In one Let's Get You Organized workshop, Melisa covered all the most important areas and gave me actionable strategies. She is direct, transparent, and knows what she’s talking about. What’s more, she offered unique tips you won’t find anywhere else. I have already recommended her to many in my network!”

Road Rebel

"We needed help in organizing our digital files & contracts as we’re in a period of expansion in the business. Melisa was CRUCIAL in improving our processes and workflow efficiency!"

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Molly Cahill

 "In the workshop, Melisa was able to take the million random things in my brain and helped me prioritize and FOCUS. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and working with Melisa made me feel like I had a true partner in my business."

Productivity Coach CA


"Attending Melisa's workshop has helped me with the copy on my website audit and developed my brand's mission vision, and values quickly. Melisa even taugh me how to effectively pitch media outlets to get the word out about my product! Thank you Melisa, for going above and beyond in helping SpiceLuxe expand."

Free Yourself with Organization

"Melisa is direct, approachable and moves quickly, which I truly appreciated. She covered all the bases as a quick-track to get started. She has years of experience and is very resourceful! She works her butt off and you can see that. Being able to help others personally and professionally has always been something I am passionate about and Melisa has been a great addition to my journey! "

Downsize & Organized

"I can’t believe all I have been able to do in such a short period of time! Melisa really touched on all we needed to get started and shared her knowledge and experience. I’ve had a 'pep in my step' that I haven’t had in a while. Working on my business through Let's Get You Organized has been amazing. 

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Assess the Nest

"Step one before getting too overwhelmed in your business: hire Melisa! She’s so knowledgeable about anything and everything having to do with the inner workings of starting a business. Sometimes I wish I could just download all the info she has stored in her head!"

Motivated Organizing

"The resources packed into Melisa's workshop saved me time and energy researching all the information on my own, plus the steps were easy to follow and pushed me! I couldn't have been more satisfied with Melisa's style of mentorship. "

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Wild Floret

"Within minutes of meeting Melisa I could feel her positive energy. She has an energy to thrive in life. She is passionate about helping others achieve success and reach their goals. She has immense business knowledge and her mind can respond very quickly to offer advice. In her workshops, she shares unique life experiences that make her relatable + she's very understanding. She will make you feel empowered and she will guide you along the way to your success. I can't wait to continue working with Melisa. I know with her help, I can rise to the top!"

Rose Studio

"I met and researched quite a few business and strategy coaches over the years before meeting Melisa and hearing her speak on a panel. I already knew I was speaking with someone who was truly invested in helping me and my business succeed. Since attending her event, I have seen steady, sustainable growth - she has helped me to organize my thoughts and create new strategies that are specifically tailored to my personality and what I want to achieve. Working with her allowed me to look at things with a new, savvier perspective. It has brought me great clients & employees, larger projects and a lot of personal momentum as well. On top of all of that, Melisa is just a very inspiring person to spend time with - her energy has really propelled me forward."

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Unleashed with Elishia

"Melisa is a total rockstar! She helped me get everything organized and truly jumpstart my health & fitness coaching business. I was able to accomplish so much in her workshop. Melisa is a phenomenal business coach, writer, connector and creative. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction for your business. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a deeply passionate business coach."

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Baggage Nanny

Quote from Founder, Crystal Browning's, feature in the San Diego Business Journal, after winning SDBJ Business Woman of the Year in September 2019:

"I would like to thank Flossie Hall, Melisa Celikel (Secretary, Baggage Nanny Board of Advisors), and Silviah Mah for being so supportive of me on this journey especially during the ups and downs. Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming & isolating, so I'm very grateful for the strong women who have stood beside me and encouraged me to keep pushing. I'm excited to see what city we bring our service to next!"

Productivity Consultant SD

ASR Design Studio

"If you need help getting your business organized and streamlined, Melisa's workshop is just what you need. We were able to analyze and fine tune everything from file storage to finances in my company!  Melisa's no-nonsense attitude is perfect for helping you clean up your business behind the scenes."

Productivity Coach San Diego

Masterful Millennial

"I just love this girl! She does exactly what her video says... way to walk the talk, Melisa!"

Productivity Consulting San Diego

Beta Haus Studio

"Melisa, thank you for being awesome. I am truly thankful to count you among my tribe (or to consider myself a part of yours, either way). You are incredible and truly bad ass!"

Productivity Consultant San Diego

Asti Ristorante

"Melisa has greatly helped us with nailing down our marketing strategy! She gave us advice on influencer marketing for our restaurant, honed in on our messaging for our monthly email newsletters, gave us better insight on our Google AdWords campaigns, and created a system to make our reputation management much more consistent. I highly recommend Melisa when a business owner is in need of HELP when they're overwhelmed!"