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5 Quick Prioritization Tips

I started my professional home organization company, Let’s Get You Organized, in 2011 and side hustled until I went full time in 2018 and served over 250 clients. In 2019, I hired a team to do the organizing for me while I created online courses, started a local mastermind group, and grew the business consulting branch of my business. I wouldn't have been able to do it without staying organized and productive. Here are 5 quick tips to keep your head in the game!


THE SANDS OF TIME: Take an empty jar and fill it with sand- ask yourself, “Is the jar full?” Yes. Nothing else can fit. Empty the sand back into a bag, then fill the jar with larger rocks. Ask yourself, “Is the jar full?” Then take some pebbles and throw them into the jar as well. The pebbles will find the nooks & crannys not taken up by the rocks. Again, ask yourself “Is the jar full?” After that, take a bag of sand and add it to the jar then ask yourself the question again. The point of this activity is to show that in order to fill your day with income producing activities, you have to focus on the “big rocks” first! Time management is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. Filling up your day with lots of “sand” makes it so that your “big rocks” aka Income Producing Activities) are unable to fit into your day. Big rocks first, pebbles and sand second!


SMARTER IS BETTER: Set SMART goals (Specific — Measurable — Attainable — Relevant -Timely) and avoid non-specific goals by breaking them up into bite-sized chunks and asking “What are 5 actions that will move me closer to that goal?” “Is saying ‘yes’ to this going to get me closer to that goal?” It can take YEARS to get your business to a place where you have employees, passive income, and actual days off. Ask yourself: “Am I in this for the long game?” Don’t get burnt out during the warm up.


DON’T LOSE YOUR KEYS: Evaluate what worked by analyzing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a monthly basis. A lot of times people achieve something and then they never really look back at what actually moved the needle the most, so evaluation is key. Look at what is driving the biggest results for you, shift and pivot your plan to continue to work towards that goal or to scale it.


THE EIGHTY PERCENT: Remember the 80/20 rule: Twenty percent of your daily activities directly correlate to 80 percent of your achieved results.Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Write your biggest business wins on the left side of your paper. On the right side, write down the tasks you spend time completing every day. Then, draw a line from the task to the win it helped achieve. The tasks with the most lines are where you should spend the most time!


CALL IN THE SWOT TEAM: Complete a SWOT Analysis for your business by writing out each of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Think about what you’ve been procrastinating on and what are the current opportunities that you’re not tapping into!


Book Melisa at Let's Get You Organized for your next small business conference, entrepreneur event, leadership seminar, or founder's summit! Now booking events in 2020 here!

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