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The Power of Saying No as a Small Business Owner

Two and a half years ago I was one of those people that said “I’ll never get addicted to social media”.... and at the time I didn’t even have an Instagram account ⏭ Fast forward to 2020 when I realized I’d built a following of thousands of strangers here on the gram. That’s right- bots, randos, strangers, people trying to sell me 💩, people that never once commented or engaged or DM’d.... eff that. I cleared the clutter, purged over 4,000 “followers”, and said “screw the vanity metrics!” 💥⁣

Not only that, I deleted the apps on my phone for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, AND Twitter. Why? Because I was incessantly checking those apps daily, hourly, and sometimes by the minute 😳 In line at the grocery store? Open app. Stuck at a red light? Open app. Sitting in the car wash? Open app. Between meetings or calls? Open app. Eating lunch? Open app. Not actively listening to my partner? Open app. ⁣

Ask yourself: “What’s giving me a healthy return on investment of time & money in my business?” 😵 In just under two years, I was interviewed on over FIFTY podcasts, live videos, and nationally published articles. 🤔 .... but where did any of it get me? ⁣

Only THREE of 28 podcasts interviews actually resulted in money in my bank account 🚫 zero dollars from over 20 article contributions & guest blog posts 🚫 zero dollars from over 10 live videos on others’ platforms....... I told myself I was “building credibility” so that had to count for something right?⁣ YIKES.⁣

Now that I track the ROI of everything I do in my business, do you think I’m focused on any of that anymore? HELL NO. I know the value of tracking return on investment on⁣

- time ⏰ ⁣

- money 💰 ⁣

- energy ✨⁣

What actually gave me an ROI? 🎤 Speaking and selling from the stage + building new relationships at events. 💁🏻‍♀️ What do I do now? 🎯 Speak on stages and go to specifically-targeted events where I know my audience hangs out... 

It’s time to cut the fluff. Stop spending time and money on 💩 that doesn’t matter. Stop using cookie cutter plans you found on the internet. Do what works for YOU. And while you’re at it, learn to say NO to the stuff that isn’t bringing in the dollar bills. 


COFFEE BRAIN PICKERS: You know who I’m talking about… “omg you’re killin it! let’s chat over coffee- I want to pick your brain on all the success you’ve had” or “I just love what you’re doing and I’m curious to see how you’ve created it so let’s grab a drink and discuss...”⁣ More like… “I’m interested in a one-sided ‘collaboration’, are you available to go pay for a $7 latte so I can waste your time for two hours?”⁣

At first it’s flattery…. our egos loooove to hear things like we’re “killin it” or that people want “our secrets”. That means we’re doing something right… right? ⁣ NO. Stop wasting your time on self-serving people. The coffee brain pickers, the one-sided collabs, the trades that leave you feeling resentful. As a business owner, it’s your job to stay in your own lane and focus on YOUR business- not someone else’s. Unless you’re getting paid for all that brain picking, JUST SAY NO. ⁣

 I do love a good collaboration, whether it’s a joint giveaway that lands you a new client, sharing your knowledge on one of those goldmine podcasts with 1,000+ apple iTunes reviews to get in front of new audiences, or hosting an event & working with a sponsor or venue that is totally aligned with your brand… there’s some good stuff out there, but I encourage you to open your eyes 👀 to the fishy stuff and the snakey stuff 

Sharing, joining, aligning, collaborating - these words imply that the relationship is two-sided and mutually beneficial. If you’re not feelin’ it, then STAY AWAY! Believe me, your bank account and your calendar will thank you for it. ⁣


So here’s a question to ask yourself….What are you saying YES to right now that you really don’t want to be doing? What do you consistently procrastinate on doing in your business? What are your weaknesses? ⁣⁣⁣Let's figure out what you're not good at and where you’re wasting time. Stop trying to wear all the hats as CEO of your business. Start living in your zone of genius.... and stop doing all the other stuff. Together let’s map out exactly what you need to outsource so you can focus on what's actually moving the needle forward in your business. ⁣⁣⁣


Book a workshop with me to get clear on:

-what’s NOT working for you⁣⁣⁣

-what you’ve already tried⁣⁣⁣

-what this business is COSTING you while it’s not making a profit⁣

-improving your time management strategy so you’re taking IMPACTFUL action and not just going through the motions of what you “think” you should be doing to move the needle forward⁣.⁣



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