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The Importance of the 80/20 Rule in Entrepreneurship

I wanna know how you’re setting goals for your business- are you using the 80/20 rule to guide your progress?  


Here’s what I do: set SMART goals each quarter and check in on them each month in a simple gSheet⁣. 20% of my goals are the hardest or most complex, but they provide 80% of the results I see in my business. 

If I have 1️⃣0️⃣ goals for the quarter, 2️⃣ of those will be the absolute most important. For me, those two are Publicity+Press and Relationship Building to achieve new business!⁣

Publicity+Press includes pitching myself to get podcast interviews, magazine features, live news appearances, and local in-person workshops⁣

Relationship Building includes responding to all my emails and social media comments/DMs on a daily basis to get inbox to zero, attending strategic networking events that will get me in front of my ideal clients, and holding free 1:1 strategy session calls to speak to my audience intimately about the services I offer and why they should hire me. 

Both of these in my 20% bucket relate to the saying “build it and they will come.” NO- if you build a business, they will not come! As a business owner, you must be your own Public Relations firm. Act as your publicist and get your name out there! 


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