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Why Trimming the Fat in Your Business is Crucial to Your Success


Remember the old food pyramid from the 80s? Here's my take on what that translates to in business!


Veggies: Serving your clients and working in your zone of GENIUS by using your business superpowers- you should be spending the most time here.


Carbs: Sales and lead generation through marketing and relationship building. Developing your client acquisition funnel. Business Development and getting new prospects into your pipeline. The bread and butter of your business!


Lean Proteins & Dairy: Finance, Legal, Admin, HR, Finance- the necessary fuel to keep you going. 


Sugary Sweets: Social media, toxic people, events with no ROI, non ideal clients- fine in small doses but get too much and your business will suffer. 


Ask yourself: “What’s going right in my “business diet”? What could be better?”


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