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Sneak Peek: Intro to my Signature Talk

Today I'm giving you a sneak peek to one of my FAVORITE signature keynotes titled "Declutter, Downsize, and Minimize to Become an Energy-Efficient Human"!


If you have ever taken an anatomy class, then you’ve seen the incredible efficiency the human body operating system.  It’s amazing to see the massive amount of perfect systems, processes, and workflows that occur second by second within us! SO how do humans survive in the 21st century with all sorts of distractions and clutter weighing us down? 


I’m Melisa Celikel and I am the owner of Let’s Get You Organized. I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder at age 9. I grew up in a hoarding household with a father that was a saver & a packrat that filled our home with tons of stuff. If a container of yogurt was eaten, you better believe he was going to reuse it “someday”. If a box was emptied, add it to the floor-to-ceiling pile in the garage.


My brother had quite a fun time with headgear, retainers, rubber bands, braces, and the whole dental nine yards a kid. I spent plenty of time in the waiting room. BUT my organized and productive nature wouldn't let me sit idly still…. instead, I took it upon myself to gather up and alphabetize every.single.magazine. in that dental office. To the surprise and delight of the dentist & his staff, I’ll never live that story down! I have fond memories of organizing my mom’s craft closet on weekends or front-facing the condiments in my aunt’s refrigerator…. if that tells you anything about me. 


Fast forward to age 23 when I first launched my professional home organizing business with just a blog, cheap business cards, and a few Craigslist ads. By age 28, I left my corporate 6-figure salary at a Fortune 500 company and launched Let’s Get You Organized full time. I helped over 250 clients in their homes during those first few years and saw SO. MUCH. STUFF.  There was Melanie*, who was hanging on to all of her wedding pictures, albums, VHS tapes, even her BOUQUET from a marriage that failed 10 years prior. After working with me, her statement of feeling so much “lighter” and noting that my decluttering service was LIFE CHANGING, felt like the best payment in the world. Then there was Eileen*, who desperately wanted to “Marie Kondo” her life. Over the course of 15 sessions, I worked with her to remove over TEN TRUCKFULS and THREE DUMPSTERS of stuff from her cluttered home. 


Today, we’re going to talk about how YOU can become an energy-efficient human and stop letting all your power go to waste. A few simple tips & tricks introduced into your daily life can make a huge impact. If you are cluttered and disorganized or your life feels chaotic…. like it’s not structured or streamlined as much as you know it could be, then this fifteen minutes is for you. If you have goals to become a minimalist, get organized, manage time effectively, and be more productive, then this next 15 minutes is for you. Are you ready to save time in your day-to day activities and save money on not buying so much STUFF? Are you ready to tackle your clutter, stop the madness on your over-scheduled calendar, and finally have time in the day to work out, study for that next degree or certification, or spend more time with your family? Are you ready to feel successful, productive, and like your life works as autonomously as your organs do?  I believe YOU can be an energy-efficient human. Let’s dive in. 


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