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Stop trying to wear all the hats!



Feeling scattered in your daily to-dos and not understanding how  prioritize tasks effectively? Need to implement business project management or time tracking software but don't know where to start? Digital files all over the place and need to drill down a system on file naming conventions to make everything easy to find?  Having trouble keeping track of receipts and key business expenses during crunch time when quarterly taxes are due? Do you have any idea how much all this is costing you?!

It’s time to elevate your business and brand by bringing in foundational structures of organization to keep you working on what you love, not drowning in overwhelm! ​STOP trying to do ALL the things. Running around like a crazy CEO trying to wear all the hats in your biz is not. getting. you. anywhere.STOP Just because you are the CEO does NOT mean you need to be managing social media, working 80 hours a week, reminding clients to pay, and saying yes to every coffee date. Let me give you the shortcuts I've blazed over 10 years consulting for Fortune 500 companies + what I’ve learned in building my own business over the past two years.


Book Melisa at Let's Get You Organized for your next small business conference, entrepreneur event, leadership seminar, of founder's summit! Now booking events in 2020 here!

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