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Building a Personal Brand

The way I see it...
1️⃣ can try to bootstrap your own business on your own, without a solid plan 
2️⃣ ….you can do absolutely nothing- and absolutely nothing about your business will change (in fact your feelings of overwhelm might even get worse!) 
⁣⁣3️⃣ ...or you can weave my expertise into your business and uplevel along with my help! 
Together we’ll identify the tactics you need to delegate, streamline your branding, and get clear on next steps. ⁣Building a personal brand allows you to pivot whenever you fall out of love with your business and makes it so much easier to rebrand! ⁣⁣I built this brand through daily “behind the scenes” stories on Instagram, blogging in a clear brand voice that matches my own voice IRL, and making it a priority to show up authentically for my audience so I can build that Know — Like — Trust factor. ⁣⁣


From this, my audiences feel like they know me- and that is worth its weight in sales gold. By tapping in to what my audience wants to see from me, listening to their requests, and giving away tons of free knowledge, my sales tactics feel more like sharing and less like selling. ⁣


Book Melisa at Let's Get You Organized for your next small business conference, entrepreneur event, leadership seminar, or founder's summit! Now booking events in 2020 here!


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