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Automation Hacks for Your Small Business


Sometimes all it takes is good old pen & paper to brainstorm up a whole new batch of content! Social Media planning is usually the biggest pain point with my clients. Consistency is key. Be sure to develop your content calendar and batch on a weekly or monthly basis to set yourself up for marketing success. 

Although I love utilizing content calendar tools like Planoly, Buffer, Later, or Hootsuite. I’m the type that has to brainstorm ideas in my Notes app or a gDoc first, and then I can throw it in to one of the planning tools to see what the grid looks like.

⁣What's your content batching style? Post as you go/go with the flow? Or plan it out strategically and consistently? 


Are you juggling a million plates and not sure exactly where each of your clients is in your process?⁣ You need to implement a free project management software like Trello or Asana to track the lifecycle of projects in your pipeline!⁣ Having clients & customers at multiple stages in your workflow can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of, especially when you're running a lean business with as few employees as possible! ⁣

You need to know where your customers are in your cycle (ie prospect, cold or warm lead, waiting on signing contract or buying items in cart, late to pay, current customer, etc) so you can love your customers and treat them all with special attention and care⁣. 


Book Melisa at Let's Get You Organized for your next small business conference, entrepreneur event, leadership seminar, or founder's summit! Now booking events in 2020 here!

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