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San Diego, California

San Diego Keynote Speaker

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events to elevate

employee engagement


I develop customized action plans for startup founders to reduce employee turnover and cut the time & money wasted on replacing employees that leave when they're no longer engaged.


boost company culture through team-building workshops that re-engage distracted, unhappy, and under-performing employees. 


I'll take the guesswork out of your organization’s leadership trainings by handling everything from custom content creation, to scheduling, delivery, assesments, & follow up.


I understand the importance of a positive work environment, engaged employees, and a healthy company culture when it comes to the success of an organization.


My immersive events aim to rapidly drop your turnover rates, increase employee satisfaction, and get you back to doing what you love- not dealing with the headache of an unmotivated team!


I eliminate the headache of keeping a motivated workforce, even when painfully short-staffed or during seasons of replacing team members. As a busy CEO, you need a healthy work-life balance and that can’t happen if you’re constantly bringing your big worries home with you!  

my clients...

....need an engaged workforce with employees that love their jobs, their coworkers, and their superiors

....know that unmotivated teammates can drag down company culture and high turnover is NOT an option

....love going to work every day and want their team to love it too

....have hired a team of professionals but don't have the Training development and delivery strategies to keep them aboard

....don't have any clue what CliftonStrengths, the Enneagram, or the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator are, or how tools like these can help their teams foster effective communication

....need a company culture overhaul, need to develop their leadership team, need executive coaching to get to the next level, or need to plan an offsite event to be able to focus on all the big picture "stuff" that constantly gets pushed to the side

if this sounds like you, let's chat more about events to elevate employee engagement!

custom-fit solutions

Every company needs an effective Leadership Development program. You have to pay your people. You have some benefits to give. You know how to hire (and how to fire). But now on top of all that, you've got to know how to train, engage, and develop your people so that they'll stay.


...that's a lot to think about, right?


My goal is for each of my clients to have a clear mission & purpose that provides clarity for employees to follow standards of excellence in a buzzing environment where they can thrive and produce awesome results.  Fulfilled employees lead fulfilled lives, that then impacts the world for the better. Events to Elevate Employee Engagement is here to help.


Stop trying to wear all the hats. Delegate your organization's Leadership Development and Training initiatives to Let's Get You Organized!


“Melisa strives for perfection and she achieves it quickly with integrity and professionalism. Her innovative mentality allows her to complete challenging tasks with ease. Melisa’s friendly personality makes collaboration truly enjoyable and rewarding!”


Farley-Simmons Cellars

"Melisa is engaging, lively, and friendly. She handled our All Hands meetings & employee events with ease. She is organized, and truly cares about people. I felt like I could always go to her if there was an issue on my team and she would work quickly to resolve anything that was impacting our team culture. She ties strategy into each of her Events to Elevate Employee Engagement and my team has definitely become more collaborative since starting these monthly trainings.”


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